==Kick Trivia==ᆞ

  • They are by each other in almost every episode'
  • Kim and Jack have four pairing names but are known by KICK
  • In the first episode Jack teased Kim cause he thought she had a crush on him.
  • Jack can be very protective of Kim
  • Both Jack and Kim caught each others falling apples.
  • They have had three episodes hinting they have crushes on each other Ricky Weaver, Kung Fu Cop, and The Wrath of Swan.
  • In the episode The Wrath of Swan Jack and Kim crowned each other.
  • In Kung Fu Cop Jack thought everyone had bad hair but Kim and said it looked kinda pretty
  • In Hit the Road Jack, Kim admits her feelings for Jack.
  • In Karate Games, Jack and Kim almost kiss.
  • In Kickin' it on Our Own, Jack asks Kim out.

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